Chargers vs Saints

Chargers vs Saints:The chargers will be left without Dervin James when the team fights with the Saints in Sunday’s preseason game on Sunday after a leg injury that caused All-Pro’s security to go indefinitely. Sunday’s match will take place after the two teams held joint training this week – as evidenced by a friendly meeting of defenders between Philip Rivers and Drew Brice – at the Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa.

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The Saints and the Chargers spent a lot of time conducting exercises for specific situations, including working on the goal line and two-minute training, during two joint training sessions. And Saints coach Sean Payton mentioned on Friday that the units of the second and third teams got a lot of work ahead of Sunday’s game.

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The goal is always to examine how each squad performed after watching a movie about training sessions, and then apply the necessary adjustments to the game action. Undoubtedly, the recruit’s receiver Emanuel Butler caused a lot of hype during the training camp, and his ability to make one or two head turns daily during practice is well documented.

Butler did not play in the preseason rookie after missing time with an undisclosed injury, but he was an experienced practitioner last week and even worked in some reps with the first team attacking against Chargers.

This is a key point of the pre-season games, because teams often do not plan too many games, and how players, especially backups, react to situations or demonstrate the ability to eliminate previous mental mistakes, helps the coaching staff to determine a possible result. The initial composition of the 53 players.

James had a fracture in his right leg during one of his bouts on Thursday after the Chargers intercepted a transmission from Brice. There were some suggestions that Comrade Charger might have stepped on James’s foot during a noisy celebration.

The second week of the NFL preseason games was almost over, and there were only three matches left on Sunday from Monday. New Orleans Saints (0-1), who have already been to the West Coast this week for co-training, meet with Los Angeles chargers (0-1) on CBS nationally broadcast CBS (Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts with a challenge) on Sunday. For the third year in a row, these two meet in the preseason season, dividing the series into 4-4. Here are a few things that we look forward to and pay close attention to after starting.

Sean Payton reiterated that growth is the main theme of the transition from one game to another, and this is what the Saints’ defense should work on after a very pedestrian attack against the Vikings in the first week. The Vikings were successful against all of the Saints’ defensive looks last Friday, gaining 457 yards of attack and getting 5-for-7 on their third slide.

“You are always looking for this step forward. When you talk about the first and second games, you are looking for pressure on the quarterback. You are looking for a change of defense and you are always waiting for this next step forward. So, whatever it is for us, this is what we should strive for. ”

It’s hard to make the most of the first preseason game, when it basically demonstrates the vanilla gameplay, but there are things like Payton that you want to see an improvement on. A flash of passage comes to mind, as Marcus Davenport often doubles against the Vikings and basically doesn’t matter. In the first game, there were good things that you could take with you, for example, Marshon Lattimore’s name was hardly called, and something flashed here and there at the support detachment and the defensive line.

At this point, New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Chargers are familiar with each other. Both teams spent Thursday and Friday doing joint workouts at the Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex, and this was the third consecutive summer when the clubs worked together in Southern California before competing in a preseason game.

In Sunday’s game, one could watch the attack of the first team, although it remains to be seen how many quarterback Drew Brice will play. In 2018, Bree played 17 shots against Chargers, marking the third week of the preseason, when starters usually play longer. In 2017, Brice did not play a second preseason game for both clubs at all.

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