Rams vs Cowboys Live

Rams vs Cowboys Live : Preseason football may not be of great importance in a grandiose sense, but Dallas cowboys cannot score in the summer, which is a little worrying.

Rams vs Cowboys Live

The Cowboys defeated them 17–9 at the San Francisco 49ers to open the preseason, which means they didn’t score a touchdown in their last three preseason games last summer.

The Dallas team has four red zones, but returns empty-handed, which is unlikely to please the new offensive coordinator Karen Moore.

True, not Cowboys Jason Witten, Amari Cooper, Alfred Morris, Zack Martin and Ezekiel Elliott, and Duck Prescott not only participated in the series.

On Monday, the NFL network said the quarterback rejected an annual deal of $ 30 million and said it was looking for an additional $ 10 million a year.

Dall Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys tracked down the San Francisco 49ers in the first quarter of the NFL preseason football game at Levy Stadium in the NFL preseason football game held in Santa Clara, California on August 10. ,

This will make him the defender with the highest average annual salary, which is another headache for the Cowboys this summer. Dallas is already trying to renew the contract between Amari Cooper and Elliott.

The latter did not report to the camp, ESPN reported that if Elliott did not receive a new bargain, he would be ready to sit down all season.

On Saturday night, when the Cowboys participated in the Los Angeles Rams in Honolulu, Hawaii, Star Runners did not appear in the game.

Like the Cowboys, Sheeps began to whimper in the preseason and were unable to score a prize in the 14-3 loss to the Auckland Raiders.

Like a year ago, Rams head coach Sean McQuey allowed all beginners to sit on the bench and let the extreme players get an impression.

However, his answer was not what he had hoped for, and last year’s NFC champion wasn’t able to get in trouble for three quarters.

That’s all you need to know before Saturday.

When and where is the game?
The Dallas Cowboys watched the Sheep at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The start is scheduled for 4 pm. Local time (22:00 Eastern time), Saturday, August 17.

The game will be broadcast nationwide by the NFL Network. Local reports will be provided by the CBS Alliance KTVT in Dallas and the California CBS Alliance KCBS. The live broadcast will be available online and connected via the NFL network, as well as through fuboTV.

Without Ezekiel Elliot, the Cowboys use the preseason to test their other runs. In the fourth round of the draft, Tony Pollard first played in a game against 49ers and was praised by team owner Jerry Jones.

“Of course, I think he has a good explanation for himself,” Jones said on the team’s website. “He looks confident. We know that he knows very well what he is doing and what he can do. We saw how he does it. We know that if he really needs it, he can bear the burden. ”

Since Duck Prescott played only one episode, Cooper Rush strengthened his backup defender and made 16 of 26 shots in a 142-yard pass.

At the same time, the Barans have several crimes against the three Raiders defenders. After leaving Jacksonville, the Blackbots scored 3 of 8 shots in Rams’ first appearance with a 50-yard pass.

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