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SeahawksvsVikingsThe Seattle Seahawks are expected to tighten their muscles and bring plenty of snacks when they meet the Vikingsin Minneapolis on Sunday evening. Seattle rested more than 10 starters in their 22-14 victories over the Denver Broncos on Thursday, with Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, Chris Carson, Jaron Brown, Dwayne Brown, D.J. Fluker, Bradley MacDougold, C.J. Wright and Jarran Reed are among the missing.

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Wilson’s absence was especially significant since quarterback never missed the first Seahawks preseason game since he was composed in 2012. Like most Viking pre-season games, this game will be broadcast on KSTP-9, the FOX affiliate in sister cities. , The start time is scheduled for 19:00 CET on Sunday. However, in a certain change, because it will be a national television game, in the broadcast booth we will receive one of the FOX play-by-play teams. In this case, the team at the stand for FOX will be the duet of Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis.

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Between the last two checkers, Seattle Seahawks has accumulated a lot of young players. Only a few of these players find themselves in situations where they can start right away. Most will have to compete with veterans for snapshots and vantage points on the depth chart. If you are outside the area of ​​twin cities. In fact, just turn on FOX. You have a fox, right? Because the game will be on FOX.

If you miss the live broadcast, the NFL network will provide you (or your DVR) with replays at 2:00 AM central time on Monday, August 19, and again at 12:00 central time on Wednesday, August 21.

However, a 30-year-old footballer this weekend will receive several points against NFC rivals from the Seahawks. I’m not quite sure how many times the Vikings Minnesota and Seattle Seahawks opposed in the preseason match, but it seems like this happens a lot. Usually, however, games take place in Seattle. However, when the two teams gather on Sunday evening, it will be at the US Banking Stadium for the second competition of each team in the preseason.

How can you keep track of all activities on Sunday evening? Well, we are here to answer all these questions for you. We’ll give them a few reps, ”pro football focuser Brian Schottenheimer said on Tuesday at Pro Football Focus on Tuesday. – Depends on many things, how is the first series, the second series.

“We do not know yet, we have not talked about this yet. Bring them there, play with a very familiar opponent, a good opponent. We played with them at the end of the year last year, so they are always a big challenge and all that. Turn these guys on, and I think it’s nice to hit someone else for this group. “

Unlike the Seahawks, the Vikings set off their starting quarterback in their first preseason game, when Kirk Cousins ​​finished one run in 34–25 wins against New Orleans on Friday.

The game was Minnesota’s first under a new offense by coordinator Kevin Stefansky and the cousins ​​were impressed with what they saw. Martin spotlighted signs of a potential last season. Choosing the sixth round of 2018 looks as if it could be a diamond for Seattle if the team finds the right way to use it. Despite never starting a game or moving from playing on the defensive line in college to an NFL midfielder, Martin recorded three bags in his limited shots.

He is oddly suited to the team as an extreme player, given that Seahawks doesn’t rely heavily on his external linebackers for the bags. At 242 pounds. Martin is lightweight compared to other Seattle riders, most of whom play on the defense line and weigh somewhere between 20-60 pounds more than Martin.

“In order to be able to rotate so many different players in so many different positions over four quarters and continue to succeed in moving football, I think that says a lot about Kevin’s playing vocation, about the system and performance.” quoted by the Associated Press. “So many guys got involved in the game and started playing.

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